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Personal life 

Wainwright's first marriage was to singer/songwriter Kate McGarrigle. During their marriage, which ended in divorce, they had two children, Rufus and Martha. Rufus was the inspiration behind two of Wainwright's songs: "Rufus Is a Tit Man" (referring to Rufus during breastfeeding) and "A Father and a Son", a retrospective. Wainwright's songs inspired by Martha are "Pretty Little Martha" (composed about her as an infant), "Five Years Old" (about her fifth birthday), and the brutally honest "Hitting You" (about her teenage years).

Both Rufus and Martha have become singer/songwriters. Rufus composed "Dinner at Eight" about his conflicted relationship with his father.[11] Martha composed the song "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" about, according to her, her father.[12] They sang a duet together on the song "Father Daughter Dialogue" (on Wainwright's 1995 album Grown Man), and collaborated on the song "You Never Phone" (on Wainwright's 2003 album So Damn Happy).

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