Katie, dear, what about, like

Newly single city gal Katie Holmes, who lives in swinging Chelsea and rides the IND line, is definitely on the market for a fella, but she's got one new rule: No more actors! She's dated and married 'em in the past of coure, but it's never worked out. So she's thinking she'll try a new angle: artists. She's being brought around town to various art galleries by her partner at the dressmaking business she's got cooking, Jeanne Yang. This Yang character thinks Katie would do well with a nice "unassuming artist," which is sort of a strange thing to say, because most artists are not exactly "unassuming" or even, y'know, stable type people. Plenty are! Certainly plenty are. But saying "No, I'm not going to date another actor, it never works" and then going to artists? Katie, dear, what about, like, an accountant. And I don't mean some flashy accountant (ha, does such a thing exist?) who works with lots of money and rolls with the finance crowd. I mean an accountant named Stanley with a stack of papers in a musty office in Astoria who mostly works with little old ladies. That seems like a right-sized change of pace.

Richard Lawson, The Atlantic Wire