Clientes infernais

O meu novo blog preferido aventura-se na recolha de contributos anónimos de designers sobre «histórias de horror» vividas com os seus clientes. Chama-se Clients From Hell e versa com esta categoria:

Prospective client: $400 for a logo?! Why are you so expensive? My nephew has Photoshop—I can just get him to do it.
Me: Does your nephew have Microsoft Word?
Prospective client: Yes.
Me: Then have him write you a novel while he’s at it.

«When I get a business card this size (not 3.5 x 2 inches), I think that that person is a fag.»
— Client, after reviewing a 2 inch square business card proof

3. (genial)
A few years ago, after we finished presenting a design to a client, he removed his shoes, plopped his stocking feet up on the desk and said, “As you can see, you didn’t knock my socks off.”

Client: I already know what I want for the logo. It’s a house, with a face, and it’s on wheels with an exhaust pipe coming out of the back which is shooting out smoke in the shape of dollar signs.

«I’m thinking I want five or six different logos for my business. That way I can put a different one on my website, business cards, and t-shirts, and really stand out from the competition.»

«Can you re-upload the photos on my site? I think they are fading from so many people clicking on them.»

«We were wondering if you could possibly use snowflakes that look a little more masculine.»

«Instead of edits or comments, I’ve just drawn sad faces in places where I don’t like the copy.»

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