I have dreams that bring me sadness

Tried to hide his tears in a world of fun
But loveless bedrooms filled with doom
Bring silent heartache July to June
I don’t mean to close the door
But for the record my heart is sore
You blew through me like bullet holes
Left stains on my sheets
and stains on my soul
You left me broke down beggin' for change
Had to catch a ride with a man who’s deranged
He had your hands and my father’s face
Another western vampire, different time same place
I have dreams that bring me sadness
Pain much deeper than a river
Sorrow flow through me in tiny waves of shivers
Corny movies make me reminisce
Break me down easy on this generic love shit
First kiss frog and princess
I’ma shake you off though
Get up on that horse and
Ride into the sunset
Look back with no remorse.
[Werewolf, CocoRosie]