cleared conscience ever again

Last night I slept with a stranger
For the first time
Since you’ve gone
Regretfully lying naked
I reflect on what I’ve done
Her leg still forced in between mine
Sticking to my skin
Stroking my chest and my hair
Headbreasting along my chin
I’m a fox trapped in the headlight
Oh and I’m waiting for tires to spin over me
‘Cause everything I love has gone away

Oh the dark night is moving slower
Oh and sleep won’t rescue me
Leaving me here to suffer
In shameful misery
So I run for a taste of freedom
Or at least freedom from this bed
Silently picking up my clothes
I turned on my heels and I fled
Oh and I don’t believe my conscience
Will ever be clear again
‘Cause everything I love has gone away

Stranger, Noah And The Whale