a wish for a true love [em quatro tempos]

© Oliver Dienst

I used to be darker, then I got lighter, then I got dark again.
[Bill Callahan, Jim Cain]

Last night I swear I felt your touch
gentle and warm
the hair stood on my arm — how?
how? how?
Show me the way
To the shake of memory
All these fine memories are fucking me down

I dreamed it was a dream that you were gone
I woke up feeling ripped by reality
Yeah love is the king of the beasts
and when it gets hungry
it must kill to eat

[Bill Callahan, Eid Ma Clack Shaw]

I used to be sort of blind
Now I can sort of see
[Bill Callahan, Rococo Zephyr]

Can you explain the album’s title?
BC: If you want to dumb it down to a little nub, it is a wish for a true love. But it has – I hope – a little more to it than that, a mind movie built into it that will be triggered if you let it. Try saying it to your old lady when things are rough. She will treat you right.