Exceptuando Death Proof, Bug e The Simpsons, que já vi e recomendo, deduzo que o método surrealista seria o único capaz de tornar interessante o visionamento dos filmes que estão em exibição neste momento em Aveiro.

They had their own way of going to the movies. Breton, the surrealist leader, and his friends, used to wander from one picture house to another, buying tickets without consulting the programme, entering and leaving on a whim, relishing the visual collage thus put together in their heads as if it were a single film. The surrealist as spectator would transmute pulp mass entertainment, into a source of private illumination. Aberrant readings, crazy interconnections and delirium of interpretation was the surrealists’ way with the movies.

Robert Short, sobre o movimento surrealista no cinema, a propósito de Un Chien Andalou, de Luis Buñuel.