Da série «ouch é um eufemismo»

Colin Lorraine?

She looks at him. The noise from next door continues to build up.

Jesus. These walls must be paper thin.

Lorraine Maybe they’re just being loud. They usually are.

Colin Who are they?

Lorraine She’s the bleach blond with the thick ankles you were staring at in the bar.

Colin What about him?

A beat.

Lorraine He’s the one I was thinking about while you were fucking me.

A pause. Colin’s not sure how to deal with this.

In fact, he’s the one I always thought about while you were fucking me.

Colin absorbs this.

Colin It’s that pilot guy, isn’t it?

Lorraine It’s the guy who’s suppose to stop and tell her that he can’t go on ‘cos he can’t get me out of his mind.

The noise continues.

But he never does.

Hilary Fannin, Stephen Greenhorn, Abi Morgan, Mark Ravenhill, Sleeping Around, Paines Plough